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Kapiti Monumental
For Headstones and Plaques

Fixed Price is still Possible

No surprises, we can provide a quote for
any job you need.

Receive on time

We do everything possible to deliver
your job on time, when you need it.

Quality Assurance

We pride ourselves in doing jobs that others may find too difficult.

We Supply & Manufacture

We make the memorials and plaques onsite in New Zealand,
right here in our workshop in Kapiti, we believe in staying local for locals.

We believe in the philosophy of locals supporting locals.
But we’re also pleased to have made memorials for all around New Zealand and other parts of the world, all from our workshop here in Kapiti. 

Design is what we do

The days of getting out the chisel and carving some stone tablets are pretty much gone, now days we design most it on computer, but we can still hand draw better that the computer can, it those touches that make it special.

Hand drawing 1920 and 30’s lettering/numbers onto a Headstone may take longer, however, we make it happen

We also install, repair and clean

Even stone needs to be cleaned and the lettering unfortunately doesn’t last forever and bases settle, but we can fix them all for you .
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Featured Work

“What I do is make other people feel better about their lives?”

Cilla Baker

“What I do as a stone mason is an art form
not just a trade?”

Stephen Philpott

“We’re supper busy and sometimes
need an extra pair of hands, feet too”

Ask about Contract work

We’re here to guide and help design a memorial specific for your loved one

There’s no job too small or intricate.